Be guided by truth, honesty …Gbese Mantse to Ga State

The Paramount Chief of the Gbese Traditional Area, Dr Nii Ayi Bonte II, has appealed to chiefs in the Ga State to make truth and honesty their guiding principle, as they oversee the affairs of their people.

He said this was the only way by which the state could regain its lost glory and honour as well as con­tribute to national development.

Dr Nii Ayi Bonte II ,Gbese Mantse
Dr Nii Ayi Bonte II ,Gbese Mantse

“I am pleading with my fel­low chiefs in Accra-from Ga to Dangme, let’s uphold the princi­ples of truth and honesty. If you uphold truth, you’ll keep long on the stool and your reign shall last,” he emphasised.

Nii Gbese made the appeal through the media at his palace after the sprinkling of the first ‘kpokpoi’ in Accra yesterday.

The sprinkling of the first kpokpoi by him is a longstanding ritual which paves the way for the celebration of Homowo in Ga Mashie.

It precedes the sprinkling of ‘kpokpoi’ by the various chiefs, sub chiefs and family heads.

Assisted by selected elders and Asafoatsemei, the first sprinkling was done at the Ussher Fort.

As part of the ritual Nii Gbese scooped the “Tsile and Opoku” mixed it with Kpokpoi and offered a handful to the elders, Asafotse and some of the people who ac­companied him.

This year’s Homowo in Ga Mashie was celebrated low key due to the passing of the Ga Manye, Naa Deide Omadru.

Nii Gbese who is also the Adonten of the Ga State, said it was important that chiefs in Accra asserted themselves and proved that their interest was their people and themselves.

“We must stop all the acts of

begging and dependence on politi­cians. We must not look at just our stomachs. We need to respect our­selves and protect our dignity to prove to the whole world that we are royals with honour,” he said.

Nii Gbese bemoaned the situa­tion where politicians using state power were appropriating Ga lands for themselves, warning that “I won’t sit down for anybody, wheth­er a Minister of state, parliamentar­ian or government worker to take my lands.”

He said he was ready to take on any individual or politician who took land belonging to his tradi­tional area without due process.

Nii Gbese also used the occasion to call for peace and unity in the Ga State, adding that “There is the need for us to unite. Let us stop enstooling chiefs any how and use the laid down customs and tradi­tions. It is wrong for us to allow Wolumei to take over the right of Dzaasetsemei to enstool chiefs


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