Be circumspect in relaying information about GIS

The Comptroller-General of Immigration, Kwame Asuah Takyi,  has called on all Retired and Serving Officers of the Ghana Immigration Service to be circumspect in relaying information about the Service and be supportive of good initiatives that is geared towards the benefit of all.

He made the call when he held a meeting with Association of Retired Immigration Officers (ARIO) at the National Headquarters last week in Accra.

Senior members of the retired officers including Ambassador Hodari Okae, former Deputy Director responsible for Operations, Veronica Addy, former Deputy Director responsible for Finance and Administration and Mr Robert Quartey also a former Deputy Director in charge of Finance and Administration, were some of the dignitaries who graced the occasion.

He said the Service was currently undergoing infrastructural and administrative changes which was positioning the agency as a force to reckon with. 

Some of the changes, he noted, included increase in recruitment levels that has more than doubled the current staff strength, acquisition of residential accommodation, renovation of both office and residential facilities, expansion works at the Immigration Service Academy and Training School, increase in the fleet of transport, establishment of a clinic, clearing of backlog of promotions and formulation of various policies to guide the Service to deliver on its core mandate.

Mr Takyi therefore urged the retired officers to support the Service with their years of experience gained whilst in active service.

The President of ARIO, Deputy Director in charge of Operations (Rtd.) Mr Moses Gyamfi, congratulated the Comptroller-General of Immigration and the entire management team for sustaining and growing   the image of the Service.

He noted that the Service was now a household name and more recognised within the security apparatus of the country than before and expressed optimism that the trend would continue for better progress and more projects to be accomplished to better the living standards of both serving and retired officers.

The Deputy Comptroller-General responsible for Command Post and Operations, Mr. Laud Affrifah took the retired officers through the various operational changes in the Service and the preparedness of the GIS to counter the threat of terrorism in the country with the beefing up of border patrol officers and creation of more sector commands with inland check-points along strategic routes.


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