Be aware of fake COA products – Prof. Duncan

 President General of COA Research and Manu­facturing Limited Company (COA-RMLC), Professor Samuel Ato Duncan, has raised concerns about individuals misusing the COA brand to promote their own products, falsely claiming similarities and affiliations with COA-RMLC.

During a press conference in Ac­cra last Wednesday, Prof. Duncan emphasised the “distinctiveness and confidentiality” of the COA formula, and advised consumers to remain vigilant against decep­tive claims and to purchase COA products only from authorised distributors.

Prof. Duncan recounted COA-RMLC’s journey, noting the development of their unique formula in 2006 and the FDA’s registration of COA FS in 2016, later reclassified as COA Mixture for general well-being in 2020 due to its effectiveness and positive user feedback.

Despite COA Mixture’s success, Professor Duncan highlighted a sig­nificant issue of brand misuse, and expressed concern over individuals exploiting the COA name to market their products by falsely claiming similarities and affiliations with COA-RMLC.

One disturbing tactic mentioned by Professor Duncan involved fabricating stories about receiving training from him, suggesting ac­cess to COA’s exclusive formula.

He warned that such misinfor­mation is used to entice customers with the promise of similar results at lower prices, causing potential confusion and dissatisfaction.

He further reiterated that the COA formula was unique and strictly confidential, known fully by only one person, and urged con­sumers to be cautious of misleading claims, and to buy COA products only from authorised distributors to ensure their authenticity and quality.

Prof. Duncan also clarified that COA products were not registered cures for diseases such as cancer, kidney disease, or HIV/AIDS, say­ing, “They are intended to support overall well-being and should not replace conventional medical treat­ments for serious illnesses.”

To address these challenges, COA-RMLC, he revealed, was working closely with the FDA to identify and hold accountable those responsible for false advertising and brand misrepresentation.

“We are dedicated to providing accurate information to consumers and ensuring the responsible use of COA products,” he assured.


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