Bassares admonished to aspire to leadership roles in political parties

 The Bassare Youth Association (BAYA) has admonished Bassares in various political parties to aspire to leadership roles to make their presence felt in the progress, growth and development of politics in the country.

“It has always been the dream and hope that Bassares in politics would rise to the top successfully in their respective parties and our presence felt and also become victorious in various positions to allow our hopes and aspirations come true in all spheres of endeavour,” it said.

The association encour­aged Bassares to continue to aspire to greater heights in various political parties and be courageous to offer themselves for leaderships and service to the people and the nation as a whole in order to deepen democracy and consensus.

A statement signed and issued in Accra by Alhaji Morro Seidu, National Presi­dent of BAYA, congratulated Mustapha Foyo Gbande for winning the position of National Deputy Secretary of the Nation­al Democratic Congress (NDC) in their just-ended national congress.

It noted that the association had one of its own winning the hearts of delegates of the NDC to be elected to the high and prestigious position of National Deputy Secretary of the NDC to which it was delighted and whole heartedly congratulate Mr Gbande on his well-deserved victory and was hopeful that he would work hard­er to justify his position in the party.

“At last we have one of our own who has won the hearts of the voters to be elected to the high and prestigious position of the National Deputy Secretary of one of the largest parties in the country and on behalf of all Bassares, the National Bassare Youth Association is delighted and whole heartedly congratulates you on your well-deserved victory.

“It is our hope and prayer that you will be a breath of fresh air for the NDC and for our country and may you be successful in fulfilling your campaign promises and mandate to the party and the country and may the victory be a stepping stone to higher and greater successes in your politi­cal career,” the statement indicated.

It commended the losers for their efforts and courage to offer themselves for leadership which was victory in disguise as they had made your voices heard and abilities known and a good step to victory next time.

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