Bannorman residents demand for police station

The people of Bannorman, near Ashalaja in the Ga West Municipality, have called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo-Dampare, to provide them with a police station to curb crime in the area.

The Chief of Bannorman, Nii Bannor I, addressing a press conference on Wednesday, said residents lived in fear all the time of armed robbery, land guards, car snatching, house break-ins and phone snatching.

“We have lands available to give to the government freely to government for the police station project and other facilities for personnel so armed robbery and other crimes will be dealt with,” he stated.

He said he was recently robbed and lost his valuable items while away from home to attend to community issues.

“Crime is on the rise in Bannorman and if government does not come to our aid, residents would have to flee the town or take laws into their hands,” he stressed.

The police station he said, would bring stability and sanity within the community and residents would go about their activities without fear.

Adding his voice, Marshwood Bannor, Family Head at Hobor Asabade, Bannorman, said issues with land guards and other land disputes could also be dealt with if security personnel were present within the community.

“We have people claiming ownership of lands in Bannorman and selling indiscriminately to individuals and investors. With the presence of the police, we are sure that things would be done in accordance to the law and peace would prevail,” he added.

In addition, he called on the government to help the community with other social amenities including schools, hospitals, electricity, water as well as good roads.

“We are not benefiting from the Free Senior High School (SHS) initiative as there is no SHS within the community and people have to travel all the way to Amasaman to attend to healthcare,” he stated.

Nii Asafoatse Clottey of Ashalaja, also asked people who were engaged in indiscriminate selling of lands to desist and consult the Bannorman chief and elders for the right things to be done.

“We are peaceful people so anyone who wants assistance with regards to land should consult us and we would help them accordingly,” he stated.

He also asked persons who bought lands within the Bannorman area to present their documents to the chief for verification before they were caught in any ongoing legal battles.


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