Ban LGBTQI! – Counsellor

Mrs Theodosia Jackson, a Counsellor and Educationist, has urged the Government to decisively deal with the recurring advocacy for LGBTQI rights in the country before the situation gets out of hand.

She said the Government must take steps to ban activities of the LGBTQI permanently in order not to leave any room for them to exploit under the guise of human rights.

Speaking to the media in Kumasi, Mrs Jackson implored President Akufo-Addo to go beyond the public declaration that homosexuality would not be legalised under his watch to initiate processes towards banning the practice for future generations.

“Much as we appreciate the President’s public denouncement of the practice, it is also important for him to take a bold decision that would be reassuring that it will never happen after he leaves office,” she said.

She said the LGBTQI was an abomination, which must not be countenanced, especially when all religious groups and traditional authorities frowned upon it.

“It is shameful for some people, including Ghanaians, to advocate for this satanic practice on the grounds of human rights, knowing very well that it is alien to our culture and religious beliefs,” she said.

She said it defied logic that in other jurisdictions where the LGBTQI had been legalised, homosexual couples had been adopting children who could only be produced by a man and woman.

She called on all well-meaning Ghanaians, religious groups, traditional leaders and civic society organisations to take keen interest in uprooting the canker, which had the potential of destroying even generations yet unborn.


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