Aviation Ministry inaugurates 15-member c’ttee to implement NATFP

Mr Joseph Kofi Adda, Minister of Aviation has inaugurated a 15-member committee to provide a framework to guide the improvement and optimisation of aircraft, crew and other issues relating to air transport in the country.

The committee has representations from the government, other air transport-related communities and the private sector.

The brief ceremony also witnessed a stakeholders meeting on consumer protection directive.

Inaugurating the committee, Mr Adda said the swearing marked the beginning of a new era for the Aviation Ministry, pointing out that the terms of reference for the committee was based on the National Air Transport Facilitation Programme (NATFP).

He said NATFP contained guidance on how states may comply with standards, the roles, functions and responsibilities of all entities involved in air transport facilitation activities.

He said the term of reference of the committee is required by Standard 8.19 of Annex 9 to the Chicago Convention.

Its purpose is to coordinate facilitation policy issues and activities between departments, agencies, and other organisations of the State concerned with, or responsible for various aspects of international civil aviation as well as with aircraft and airport operators.

According to him, the International Civil Aviation Organisation Assembly underlined various times the importance of establishing and actively operating FAL Committees urging contracting states to take all necessary steps to call the attention of all interested parties to the implementation of Annex 9.

Speaking on the Consumer Protection Right, he said, consumer rights generally and traditionally had been about ensuring fairness between the consumers and the service providers and that of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority.

The Minister said the stakeholders in collaboration with the MoA had issued the consumer protection directives and passenger rights to protect the interest of the travelling public.

The chairman of the committee, Simon Allotey assured that members would maintain high-quality security, effective law enforcement and proficient customer service.


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