‘Avail yourselves for challenging leadership positions’

Dela Klu, the Second Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Volta Region, has entreated the youth to take up challenging leadership positions available to them, especially in the political arena.

He was elected at the party’s recent regional delegates conference as the Second Vice Chairman for the Volta Region and insisted that they had capacities and capabilities to steer the affairs of the country with their youthful exuberance.

“I think my victory is a clear signal to the youth of our country we are capable and can tackle issues successfully no matter how challenging they are and we must not relent and I think the time is up for the youth to stand and take challenging positions and be able to do so well,” Mr Klu touted.

Commenting on his election to a position many consider as conventionally reserved for the elderly, given his relatively younger age, he alluded that the youth were younger, energetic, knowledgeable and skillful in technology, an opportunity given to him to inspire them so as to realise more youth contesting regional and national elections to occupy spaces reserved for the elderly in various political parties.

Mr Klu noted that ahead of the 2020 general election, he contested for the NPP parliamentary primaries in the Afadjato South Constituency but lost prior to that, served the party as a polling station and area coordinator and a polling station chairman before rising to the position of Second Vice Chairman for the Afadjato South Constituency.

He asked delegates to elect the right and competent personalities to various positions at the national level because they wielded the power to elect persons to occupy various positions being contested.

Mr Klu appealed to them to ensure they elected people who were competent, dedicated, selfless, committed, determined, dedicated and capable of retaining the party in power and urged aspirants to run decent campaigns devoid of insults, vilification, and attacks.

“The most important issue to consider is for the party to come out of the conference peaceful, united, focused and prepared to break eight years of political party rule as it would become a historic feat in the Fourth Republic.

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