Auditor-General condemns comparative mediocrity politics

Daniel Yaw Domelevo, the Auditor-General, has condemned the politics of comparative mediocrity that is practised in the country and has assumed partisan positions to the neglect of the national interest.

“It’s worrying our political dispensation, where we can all realise the truth and because of partisan positions, we neglect it to the detriment of nation building and national cohesion,” he cautioned.

Illustrated his concern Mr Domelevo pointed out that “the same issues that a government objected to when it was in opposition, the party comes into government and the party does same issues and the same issues that the party was defending when it was in government, the party goes into opposition and immediately it doesn’t work.

“My expectation and prayer”, he indicated, “is that we reach a position where irrespective of the partisan political dispensations, we can identify a thief and call him or her a thief while corruption we call it corruption, mismanagement we call it mismanagement instead of oh, but even if you talk about me being corrupt, I’m better corrupt than you, you’re more corrupt, you were stealing in billions, I’m in millions, I’m a better thief.

“That is the type of politics that we are engaged in, instead of us saying this is our government but the appointee has misbehaved and must be dealt with, this is what I’m expecting for our country, unfortunately we have trivialised issues and lost focus on how to deal with them which has affected the psyche of the citizenry,” Mr Domelevo fumed.

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