AUCRE holds maiden matriculation for 91 students

A newly-established universi­ty college, the Adonis Uni­versity College of Research and Entrepreneurship (AUCRE), on Friday held its maiden matric­ulation for 91 students to pursue various courses for the award of diploma certificates.

The courses are Journalism and Media Studies, Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing, Human Resource Development, Construc­tion Technician (Part I,II,III) and Electrical Engineering Technician (I,II,III).

The event was organised on the theme “Balancing Access with Focus on Entrepreneurship and Quality with Higher Education”.

The Rector, Reverend Bright Adonis, in an address, said the courses being offered were designed to groom and establish more international standard entre­preneurs and business leaders.

He said since AUCRE was aspiring to begin awarding degree in the near future, the management team was working assiduously to complete the accreditation process with the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission.

Rev. Adonia said the College in­tends to affiliate with the University of Professional Studies in Accra, taking into consideration track records, standards and profession­alism.

He said the diversity of the 21st century and its businesses demand­ed excellent, superior and quality education, which required the workforce to be innovative, creative and exceptional.

“It is evident that the global evolution over the years has shifted the direction of needs businesses, “he said.

Rev. Adonia said many busi­nesses have had to change their models and strategies to survive in this generation because they had to evolve with time.

“AUCRE provides education that seeks to meet the present and fu­ture needs of the community, our country and the world,” he said.

Rev. Adonia said the college was raising students to successfully compete on the international mar­ket since the world was “changing at the speed of light,” saying, “We are raising individuals who can think for themselves, strive successfully for themselves, make ends meet, and hopefully offer a platform to employ others.

The council chairman, Prof. John Bright Komla Aheto, congratulated the matriculants and urged them to see the event as the beginning of a bright and promising academic and professional future.

“Every necessary resource to deliver on our commitments is available on campus, so therefore explore to the fullest,” he advised.

Prof. Aheto humbly pleaded with all to support the Rector and his team made up of sound academics, intellectuals, and prac­titioners to ensure and guarantee the fulfilment and further growth and development of the university college.


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