At induction of newly qualified lawyers: Develop good character to uphold image of profession …Chief Justice charges inductees

A total of 196 newly qualified lawyers were yesterday inducted into the legal profession with a caution to develop good character to uphold the image of the profession.

Chief Justice, Kwasi Anin-Yeboah, who led the ceremony, said, the legal profession strives on hard work, integrity, professionalism, and servility, hence the need for new lawyers to display these attributes to help build the profession.

Speaking at the event in Accra, he said, the oath taken by the new lawyers should enjoin them to abide by the ethics and practice the profession in accordance with the professional conduct and ethical tools prescribed by the General Legal Council.

“As new officers of the court you are simultaneously enjoined to uphold to the interest of the court, the profession and the society at large. Your duty to the court includes, honesty, fairness, and loyal. It is therefore unprofessional and ethical as a lawyer to mislead the court by deliberate false statement,” he stated.

He said “the legal profession strives on good character, you must therefore take pace to guide your integrity.”

Justice Anin-Yeboah told the lawyers it was their duty to uphold the honour and dignity of the legal profession in Ghana.

“The journey to becoming a lawyer has become painless, many of you have endured in order to come this far in the industry, fortitude, perseverance, displayed, deserved very recommendation under the sun.The nation Ghana awaits your service and valuable contribution to advance its democracy. The diligence you exhibited in your cost of the study should not end here,” Justice Anin-Yeboah stated.

He reminded the lawyers of the need to make every conscious effort to update their knowledge and skills and broaden their knowledge base at any given opportunity throughout their career.

“Your participation in the continuing legal education programmes organised by the Ghana bar association is key to your growth and development as young leaders.

“Under the legal professional conduct and ethical tools 2020 LI 24 and 23, every lawyer who holds the practicing certificate issued by the Ghana Legal Council, was required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of continuing development in a year. That is one of the requirements for renewal of practicing licence for all lawyers in Ghana under the legal profession bill.

“Your good reputation could be lost in an infling moment and you may never recover it. In this regard do not be quick to sleep,” he added.

Chief Justice Anin-Yeboah advised the newly enrolled lawyers to pay attention to the professional ethics and strive to be known as noble lawyers who could be trusted.

“You must also endeavor to maintain the professional appearance at all times by always representing the needy and vulnerable in the society,” he said.


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