Aspire to be good shepherds – Very Rev. Fr C. Obidiagah

Christians have been encouraged to always aspire to follow the example of Jesus Christ who is the good shepherd, since he will lead them to attain everlasting life.

They are to remember that Jesus who had laid down his life in order to save the world from the slavery of sin and shame,was ever ready to protect the sheep, but without total compliance to the directives of the shepherd, the sheep would suffer loss and be deprived of salvation.

Very Rev Fr Collins Obidiagah,who was delivering the homily at St John of God Catholic Church in the Adentan Municipalityon the Fourth Sunday of Easter, otherwise known as Good Shepherd Sunday, said after the resurrection of Jesus Christ the apostles preached the good news, healed the sick and did all sorts of things in order to announce to the world that Jesus Christ had risen from the dead.

He asked Christians to bemindful of the fact that the good sheep listened, hungered and thirst for the shepherd, and sought to find out if Christians were working hardto promote the love of Christ in their communities, places of work and families?

Very Rev.FrObidiagah said each person was endowed with something unique to perform a specific role, hence the need to hold on fast to that gift and use it well.He asked, “Are you a good shepherd in relation to your duty as a husband, wife, child, in your community and in the church?

He explained that for the sheep to listen to the voice of the shepherd meant total surrender to the will and authority of God, adding that the faithful should focus their attention to the needs of their neighbours as service to God.

The homilist said since mothers were embedded with the gift of care and tenderness of heart, those who fell short of these gifts failed to play their motherly roles adequately so they must turn a new leaf.He, therefore, called on mothers to work hard to bring peace in their homes, adding that they must be blamed if there was no peace in the family. 

“As priests, parents, Christians and children, we have responsibilities to play and we must do this with all our efforts and followthe example of the good shepherd. Moreover, as women of faith you must love your families, pray at all times and be happy always by which means you can mold your families together,” he advised.

Nana Afua Sassah II, the Vice Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council, said God has endowed women with specific gifts which enabled them to do great things at home, their communities and in the church.

She said since mothers played an essential role in the family they must adopt the teachings of the church in order to guide their children to enable them to become God-fearing and good citizens in the future.

Children from the Sunday school in the church used poetry recitals and choreography to commend mothers on the occasion of Mothers Day for the special roles they play in the family and society at large.


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