Ashesi University holds orientation for beneficiaries of business incubator programme

Ashesi University’s Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) has organised an orientation for 19 entrepreneurs who make up cohort six of GCIC’s business incubator. 

The new cohort also marks a new phase for GCIC with Global Affairs Canada as funders.

The entrepreneurs who have been selected for the nine-month-long incubation programme are Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises (SMEs) whose work and innovations are aimed at climate change mitigation and adaptation and exploring the adoption of more climate-smart and sustainable models in their operations.

The Executive Director of GCIC, RukaSanusi, took the entrepreneurs through an overview of the strategic implementation pillars of the centre’s work, and also shared results from the previous business incubation programme.

She said the GCIC had an established track record of success and since June 2017, a total 101 businesses including 31 women-owned enterprises had benefitted from the programme.

“Between June 2017 and 2020, GCIC supported entrepreneurs to generate cumulative revenues of $2.06 million, created 733 new jobs, raised additional early and growth stage financing in excess of $2 million, and sequestered CO2 emissions of 14,500 metric tonnes,” she said.

GCIC’s robust business incubation program and interventions, MsSanusi said supported entrepreneurs to develop and build their mindset, skillset and toolset to go the long-haul “with their climate innovation by better understanding the factors that determine long-term business success and performance.”

The Director of Partnerships, Entrepreneurship, and Investment of GCIC, DramaniBukari, took entrepreneurs through GCIC’s Technical and Product Development workstream and articulated how entrepreneurs could improve upon their products and innovation to meet global standards.

 “We will provide the support that contributes to improving technologies and products, stimulating climate risk mitigation and management practices, and advancing the growth of climate-resilient businesses like yours,” he said.

He said beneficiaries of the programme could apply for a grant, stressing “This will require you to submit evidence of efficient and effective utilisation.”

The Cohort Six Entrepreneurs were inducted into the GCIC incubation programme on December 15, 2021.


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