Arrest warrant issued for 6 employers… over non-payment of SSNIT contributions

A District Court in Accra has issued a bench warrant for the arrest of employers/directors of six institutions for failure to pay the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) contributions of their workers.

They institutions are Ghana Music Rights Organisation (Ghamro); Home base TV; Sapalon Ghana Limited; Priorities On Rights and Sexual Health; Global Access Academy and Domestic & Corporate SER Limited.

A statement issued by SSNIT, indicated that the employers of the institutions were expected to pay the SSNIT contributions on behalf of their employees at the end of every month, but failed to do so.

GHAMRO, as of November, 2020, owed a total debt of GH¢90,338.18, including SSNIT contribution arrears of GH¢52,813.27 and a 3 per cent accumulated penalty of GH¢37,524.91.

The institution relieved part of the debt and was left with an outstanding debt of GH 37, 524.91.

In the case of Homebase TV, it owed outstanding SSNIT contributions of GH ¢31,532.31, after making part payments of GH¢42,515.49, including unpaid contributions, totaling GH¢15,586.62 and a 3 per ecnt accumulated penalty of GH 26,928.87 from February 2021.

The statement said Sapalon Ghana Limited owed contributions totaling 11,634.03 while Priorities On  Rights and Sexual Health had an outstanding debt GH¢ 17,456.09 after making part payment of the GH¢8,563.32 from a total amount of GH¢23,767.34.

The others, Global Access Academy and Domestic and Corporate SER Limited were indebted to the tune of GH¢12,523.25 and GH¢9,165.83 respectively.

According to the statement, the warrant for the arrest was issued on November 27, 2021 and September 19,2022 for the directors/employers of GHAMRO and HOMEBASE TV respectively.

SNNIT said they invited the accused for flexible terms of settlement, but they failed to avail themselves of the opportunity.

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