‘Apply values of anti-corruption in daily engagements’

The Acting Western Regional Director of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), John Bismark Ackon, has advised students to involve themselves in the fight against corruption to promote good governance, integrity and rule of law in the country.

He explained that the role of tertiary students in the successful implementation of the laws aimed at fighting corruption was critical and called on them to help prevent corruption by building an anti-corruption culture in the society.

Addressing the students of the Takoradi Technical University during a symposium organised by the National Commission for Civic Education, Mr Ackon said, “There is the need for students to be equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills about the effects of corruption, equally important is that students must understand and apply the values of anti-corruption in everyday life.”

It was part of planned activities under the Accountability, Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Programme (ARAP).

Mr Ackon stressed that “as students it is imperative for you to uphold the principles of integrity, the practice of being honest, showing consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles, culture, values and you must develop ethical leadership which demonstrates determination, dedication, commitment, assistance and support to the goals of prevention of corruption.

“Emphasis should also be placed on strong commitment, dedication and determination to the values, principles, culture of integrity and self-discipline as it will create an ethical environment for national development and cohesion including laws and institutions have been put in place over the years to fight corruption but unfortunately, they have not yielded much results, hence the need to intensify efforts.

“The legal regimes on anti-corruption, combined with efforts of tertiary students will help fight  corruption and promote good governance, rule of law, probity accountability and transparency in the country,” Mr Ackon assured.

Justice Yaw Ennin, Deputy Western Regional Director of NCCE, observed that the objective of ARAP was to promote good governance, rule of law, probity, accountability and transparency by reducing corruption and improving compliance. -gna.org

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