Apologise to Jean Mensa, Judiciary… group to former President Mahama

A group calling itself Alliance for Footsoldiers Advocacy (AFFA) has called on Former President John DramaniMahama to offer an unquailed apology to the chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC),MrsJean Mensa, and the judiciary for accusingthem unjustifiably.

This followed a leaked viral audio in which the general secretary of the National Democratic Party (NDC), Mr Johnson AsieduNketsiah, is alleged to have said that President Mahama and the party challenged the 2020 presidential election results at the Supreme Court without any shred of evidence.

Consequently, the group has also admonished MrAsieduNketiah and the NDC to apologise to the Judiciary, the EC and Ghanaians for misleading them and creating unnecessary tension in the country post declaration of the 2020 election results.

The call was contained in a statement issued and signed by the Executive Secretary of AFFA, KwakuAdumakoTekyi (Sir Obama Pokuase) in Accra yesterday.

The statement indicated that MrAsieduNketsiah also known as General Mosquito was heard on tape admitting among other things that his party (NDC) was unable to collate its results during the 2020 general elections due to an internal IT system breakdown.

It said he also disclosed that the evidence his party sought to rely on in challenging the validity of the election of President Akufo- Addo at the Supreme Court in 2021 was utterly useless,inadmissible, and same could not have overturned the outcome of the election results.

The statement said the fact that the NDC, led by former PresidentMahama, had since March 2021 bastardised Justices of the Supreme Court at every least occasion; describing them as “UNANIMOUS FC” and appendages of President Akufo-Addo following the dismissal of his defective election petition gave a cause for concern.

“The former president of the Republic, knowing very well he had no case (as he has been revealed by General Mosquito), proceeded to the apex court of the land to waste time of Ghanaians. The sudden silence ofvociferous AsieduNketiah in these past few days that the leaked audio has been in circulation only confirms the authenticity of the tape and the contents therein.

It is our submission that the dignity and authority of the Judiciary and the EC must be upheld at all times for the growth of Ghana’s multiparty democracy,” it said.

By Times Reporter

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