APC: NPP flagship policies have failed

Founder and Leader of the All Peoples Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, has posited that the flagship policies of the government of the New Patriotic Party has failed to improve the livelihoods of the citizenry.

 He maintained that the One Village One Dam, One District One Factory, One Constituency $1million, Planting for Food and Jobs and other agriculture policies expected to benefit the citizenry have failed to meet their purpose and rather impoverished the nation.

“They have lied to our northern brothers and sisters, they are digging dugouts for them as dams,destroying their lands they could have used to farm and benefited from it,they have given them out and playing with their minds and should not be taken for granted, Mr Ayariga fumed.

He wondered why the government and successive ones had failed to significantly develop the northern part of the country and bridge the gap between the North and the South and lamented that “the north is lagging behind due to unfulfilled promises made to the people by the current and successive governments who have all shown little commitment, dedication and determination to rapidly develop the area.”

Mr Ayariga described the promises made as ‘lies’ and ‘deceit’ aimed at only winning the 2016 elections and recounted his defeat in the 2012 general elections,  whenhe contested as presidential candidate on ticket of the People’s National Convention, and bemoaned the refusal of his own kinsmen and women and constituents to vote for him, described situation as unfortunate and prevailed upon voters in the north to strive to vote for one of their own.

 “If I was elected President, the Bolga-Bawku road would have been done by now, I will be using it every time to the house but when our own people refuse to vote for us, what do you expect? When you tell them to vote for you, they will say even if they vote for him he won’t win.

 “Don’t deceive the citizenry in the name of politics, this government is just interested in winning elections and not improving lives of the citizenry, I come from the north and have suffered to see people grow alongside myself, when it is time for voting, the citizenry queue to vote for politicians to improve livelihoods but not lord over them, what is the essence of voting for them, Mr Ayariga pointed out. –asempanews.com

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