Enough has been written about the novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is and what should be done to avoid it and if you, unfortunately, get infected by the virus how you should be managed. Thanks to the World Health Organisation (WHO) the Chinese and other jurisdictions that have had the panful first-hand experience, as well as the hardworking epidemiologists, virologists of the world and localities, Ghana has benefited from them actions that can cut the spread of the virus and the ill-health it brings about.

It is heart-warming learn about the social and economic impact mitigation measures taken by the Government of Ghana (GoG) to ameliorate the burden the unprecedented but necessary actions will have and are hiving on poor individuals and households.More humanitarian and social protection measures may come up in due course but lest we forget those most likely to be left behind, who will fall through the cracks and never get to benefit from the charity meant for them. Persons living with mental illness and their caregivers and families have always remained the least thought about and the least served. This piece should help in the wake-up call to support mental health and the social cost of the actions to stop COVID-19.

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