An Interview with the Charismatic Gabriel T. Ruz Jr. 

To become an entrepreneur is a dream most people have. It is a tempting proposition to have no boss above you. But is that just what it means to be an entrepreneur? Not at all. Entrepreneurs are pioneers who throw themselves into places no one has been before to build new paths for the betterment of all. Here, we speak to Gabriel T. Ruz Jr. about his entrepreneurial journey. In this interview, he shares the lessons he learned from being an entrepreneur.  

Why did you choose to become an entrepreneur, Mr. Ruz? 

Entrepreneurship is not a safe option when you have bills to pay and ends to meet. The safe option is to find a job and get steady with it. But from a very young age, I had the dream of setting up my own business. I like the thrill of entrepreneurship.  

How does being an entrepreneur better than having to work for someone else, Mr. Ruz? 

Entrepreneur or not, we all work for others. It is a common misconception that entrepreneurs are free to do whatever they want and have no boss over them. These are very wrong notions. In my opinion, entrepreneurs have more considerable challenges to face and tackle. The positive side of being an entrepreneur is that you have the freedom to imagine and ideate. Also, entrepreneurship is a more significant risk. And as we all know, the greater the risk, the greater the reward.  

What is your typical workday like? 

My job demands a lot out of me. So, I try not to miss my morning exercise and meditation routine. This helps me center myself and clears my mind. All my meals are at work. I eat healthily. Food plays a massive role in the quality of our focus and attention. My work never ends. I just take a 5-hour sleep break in the night.  

What is the biggest challenge in being an entrepreneur? 

It is that you are answerable to the well-being of your team. People’s needs have to be met first before expecting them to deliver results. Building a solid team and maintaining it while taking care of other business responsibilities is like strategizing for the competitive market, meeting customer expectations, and satisfying stakeholders.  

What advice would you give budding entrepreneurs, Mr. Ruz? 

Never become an entrepreneur if you cannot handle pressure’. Entrepreneurship is all about total focus. There are many sacrifices one has to make in order to be successful as an entrepreneur.

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