An Exclusive Chat with the Multi-faceted Ryan Rezaie

Putting all your eggs in one basket or not having more than one string to your bow is a mistake many aspiring entrepreneurs make. Focusing all your attention and endeavor on one project is admirable, but if the project fails, you better have a plan B to fall back on. In other words, expansion and diversification are the keys to success. It’s a lesson that the multi-faceted Ryan Rezaielearned at a young age and has never forgotten. 

“Capitalizing on multiple markets is the only way to stay on top of the game,” says Ryan Rezaie. As an in-demand consultant, hespends much of his time advising others on how to attain, develop, and hold on to success. The California-basedentrepreneur elaborates, “I’m an individual who is heavily invested in a variety of fields – real estate, automotive, hospitality, and of course consultancy. Being involved in these different industries keeps me on my toes and makes life interesting. More than that, it gives me a multi-faceted portfolio capable of weathering the fiercest economic storms. Being married to one revenue stream can be extremely detrimental, and it always pays to keep your options open.”

As a self-made man, Ryan is all too aware of the difficulties encountered along the rough and rocky road from the bottom to the top. He appreciates the need to educate yourself and develop your skills in as many areas as possible. He states, “I spent years as a youngster working bars and restaurants, but even then, I was paying close attention to every aspect that went into their running because I had plans to open my own one day.” In 2015, Ryan and his brother did exactly the same. Two years later, Ryansold it and opened his consultancy business with a focus on building his real estate and automotive portfolio. 

Ryan Rezaie states, “I love consultancy because it gives me a chance to share what I’ve learned with others. One of the most important lessons is that there is no such thing as failure. Thereare just experiences and lessons to be learned, and one shouldnot be afraid to diversify. Markets rise and fall. However, by having your fingers in a multitude of pies, you can ensure that your fate is in your own hands.”

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