Amidu’s complaints threat to corruption fight—Think tank

Martin Amidu

Martin Amidu

Public Interest Research and Advocacy Network-Gh (PIRAN-GH), a non-governmental organisation, focusing on research and advocacy has observed that recent comments by Martin Amidu are signals he may not be efficient and effective as Special Prosecutor.
“The recent complaints of the special prosecutor for lack of logistics, personnel, funds, interference and noncooperation from ministers and other government officials are a threat to the promise by the government to fight against corruption.

At a National Audit Forum organised by the Audit Service, Mr Amidu poured out frustrations allegedly holding him back from delivering on his mandate, citing among others lack of a Legislative Instrument to give teeth to his office.

Many have criticised him for the public outburst, but the President has promised to provide the needed resources to facilitate his work.

Government officials had explained that the delay to provide the logistics to the Office of the Special Prosecutor to cumbersome bureaucracy at government institutions, and not lack of commitment to fight corruption.

The Attorney-General and her deputy who have oversight responsibility on the special prosecutor had expressed worry over his frustrations and complaint in the public domain.

According to the group, the personality of the person chosen for the job of the Office of the Special Prosecutor gave hope to Ghanaians there was somebody trusted to deal with corruption, but almost a year after the assumption of office, Mr Amidu has been complaining about challenges.

“The complaints include not properly furnished office, chiefs and pastors pleading for and on behalf of certain politicians, people making payments into his accounts, government appointees not cooperating, not supporting, lack of logistics, funds and personnel.
“We believe the special prosecutor is failing Ghanaians and the earlier the government takes a decision on him the better, if almost a year after swearing into office as a special prosecutor to fight corruption in government and till date you have very little to show except complaints, we don’t realise commitment on the part of the government to make the office effective and efficient.

“We initially had our doubt as to the success or otherwise of the Office of the Special Prosecutor, the effusions and outburst are giving an indication of another government agency that cannot be independent of manipulation and control,” the group lamented. –

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