AMA hosts 4-day workshop on waste management financing

A four-day workshop on waste management financing to create stronger link between waste management project and their financial implications, to promote investment and financial sustainability is underway in Accra.

It is being hosted by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) in partnership with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group with support from Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

Participants were drawn from fourteen cities in Africa with the mandate to share ideas and dialogue on opportunities for development, to improve the qualities of life of citizens as the world becomes more urbanised.

Speaking at the opening ceremony yesterday in Accra, the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Mr Adjei Sowah, urged participants to consider challenges like lack of adequate infrastructure, provision of social welfare services and compounded climate change in their discussions.

He said cities across the globe were experiencing growth in both population and economic performances as increasing amount of waste were being generated.

Mr Sowah said many waste systems were already being stretched beyond their means and cities were experiencing real challenges in collecting and disposing of gargantuan waste every day.

“Accra alone produces about 3,000 tons of solid waste daily, equivalents to about 150 large solid waste trucks. Larger cities such as Lagos produce roughly 15,000 tons of waste per day.

“The real threat in waste management across the global south cities is actually posed by current projections for the future. If we continue on this path by 2030 Africa, Asia and Latin America will double the amount of waste they produce, compared to today,” he said.

Mr Sowah indicated that the impact of mismanaged waste from a climate change perspective would worsen the situation, as it would increase global temperature by more than two degrees.

A member of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, Madam Sandra Mazon-Nix tasked African leaders to invest in waste management and find sustainable funding for waste projects.


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