Allow peace to reign at Konkomba Yam Market!

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly Security Council (METSEC) is said to have cautioned against the installation of one NiiAyiNtebiKoBiwalti as the Chief of the Konkombas at the theKonkomba Yam Market in Accra.

According to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), the METSEC caution follows dissent among some members of Konkomba Yam Market Association, the body purported to have planned the installation of Biwalti as chief to be done on September 17..

In the Ghanaian cultural set-up today, there is a cardinal provision for installation of chiefs and queens from the royal families.

Besides, there is now the practice ofinstalling and designating non-royals, including even foreigners, as chiefs and queens, who can bear traditional titles and enjoy some courtesies but have no stools and no continuity of reign through lineage.

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In other words, the non-royal reign ends with the death of the person involved or by any special arrangement pertaining to his or her position.

The non-royal convention has given rise to even members of groupings installing some people as their chiefs or queens.

Thus, there are, for instance, market queens or chiefs and chiefs of ethnic groupings living elsewhere in the country other than their own lands.

Whatever the situation, both the royal and the non-royal positions should have legitimacy and that should be the approval of the kingmakers or the acceptance of all stakeholders.

All this is done in the interest of peace and to avoid disputes that can undermine the cultural and socio-economic activities of society.

On this note, the Ghanaian Times commends the METSEC for its swift move, considering it as one to ensure peace and save lives and property.

From the brief explanation given with regard to the installation of chiefs and queens in the country, it is clear that in the absence of acceptance or approval, any installation done is imposition and recipe for dispute.

It is worthy of note that there are always reasons for non-acceptance or disapproval of installation.

Who is NtebiKoBiwalti? Why is he and his followers want to impose him on the Kokombas at the yam market as their chief?

Is Biwalti aware that his non-compliance with the METSEC caution can cause public disturbance, which can even claim lives and consequently land him and others in trouble with law?

This is not the time for the government to spend part of the over-stretched state resources to provide security to save lives and property in an insecure situation created as a result of someone’s selfish and parochial interest.

The Ghanaian Times therefore joins the AMA and its METSEC in cautioning Biwalti and his cohorts that any disobedience on their part would be severely dealt with by law.

What is needed now is for Biwalti and his cohorts to seek the approval of all stakeholders, particularly the Konkombas and the AMA.

They should do so bearing in mind the signed undertaking to commit to the decisions of METSEC for peace to prevail at the market and neighbouring communities.

The importance of the Konkomba Yam Market and its immediate surroundings as an economic hub supporting various livelihoods and thousands of lives directly and indirectly must be a rallying point to save it from all unscrupulous activities.

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