Allianz Insurance launches ‘Allianz Cares’ for consumers

Allianz Insurance, a subsidiary of Allianz Group has launched a consumer- reward promotion known as ‘Allianz Cares’ yesterday in Accra.

The promotion is aimed at giving free branded Allianz first aid kits to customers who purchase a motor, home or personal accident insurance packages.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Allianz Insurance, Darlington Munhuwani, said the promotion was to raise awareness in terms of risk management and also showcase the fact that insurance was not only about taking money but give practical gifts to the insured and their loved ones.

 He said “we are talking about loyalty, reward and safety in the form of support which is the Allianz Cares safety kit.”

He stated that the promotion was customer driven and also based on the insights received throughout their years of existence and that his outfit believed in their products and clients adding the “we are a customer-centric organisation.

 Mr Munhuwani noted that it was important to build trust, loyalty and transparency because the company collected premiums, invested them and got it back in the form of claims.

According to the CEO of Allinaz Insurance, loyalty in an insurance business was important as it could not be bought but was as a result of services provided throughout the years.

“To my colleagues don’t go and sell the kit but rather the services, which is you and the service the company provides,” he stated.

The Senior Manager at the office of the Commissioner, National Insurance Commission (NIC), Stella Jonah said insurance underwriters were facing challenges in retaining their customers.

This, she attributed to some insurance products being similar and that prospective policyholders were finding it difficult to differentiate between the products offered by insurers, thereby causing some insurers to compete on price.

 According to Mrs Jonah, although this might seem like a short-term solution, there was a negative impact on profitability and the ability to pay claims promptly in the long run.

 She mentioned that the growth of an insurance company was hinged on the trust and confidence of clients, and in order to sustain the growth, the insurer was expected to meet the risk needs of clients through innovative ways.

 She said loyalty and retention were important tools needed to meet or exceed the policyholder’s expectations adding that “retaining customers and building customer loyalty is good for any insurance business in terms of the cost of managing accounts and the opportunity for referral business.”

She indicated that the increase in population, rising incomes and the relatively low insurance penetration rate in Ghana was an indication of growth opportunities in the Ghanaian insurance market.

The NIC, Mrs Jonah said, was therefore focused on strengthening solvency, protecting policyholders’ interest and creating an enabling environment that encourages the development of products that respond to customers’ needs.


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