Akwamufie commemorate 55th years of Nana Afrakuma’s reign

A mini durbar of the chiefs and people of Akwamufie in the Eastern Region, was on Sunday held here as part activities to commemorate the 55th reign of the Paramount Queen mother, Nana Afrakuma II.

For the first time in 27 years, the Ansaah Royal family and the Yaa Botwe Family came together to celebrate “Akwasidae” festival.

The durbar was turned into a moment of celebration and praise singing when   Aberewatia Love Adwo Som made the open declaration the decision to discontinue the  long standing chieftaincy dispute between the two royal families, the Ansaah family and the Yaa Botwe family over the Paramount Chief of Akwamufie.

They pledged their full support and service to the Paramount Chief Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III as the legitimate Omanhene for the area.

Odeneho Kwafo III who succeeded Nana Kwafo Akoto II was dragged to the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs by the Ansaah Family led by the Aberewatia Love Adwo Som.

The case dragged on to the National House of Chiefs and until May this year when judgment was given in favour of Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III.

The head of the Ansaah Family openly announced that she had accepted the ruling by the National House of Chiefs durbar and would no longer pursue the case. 

In her speech, Aberewatia Adwo Som said “I stand here to represent my family in  unity, love and understanding to say that I am no more pursuing the chieftaincy litigation which we have been battling some years till now.”

 “With truthfulness, love and togetherness, let us all work towards the development of our traditional area”, she affirmed.

Proving her words, Aberewatia Love Adwo Som boldly gave the Omanhene Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III and Nana Afrakuma II, the Paramount Queen hand shake greetings. 

Her kind words were hailed with a standing ovation and applause from the thousands of spectators and invited guests who were around to witness the historic moment.

In his speech, the Paramount Chief, Odenehu Kwafo III, commended Aberewatia Adwo Som of the Ansaah Royal family for the bold declaration, adding that, the generation would forever remain grateful.

 He, therefore, called for unity and the rebuilding of Akwamuman after the protracted chieftaincy dispute, adding that, to get Akwamuman back to work again, there is the need for all citizenry to work extra harder than they have ever been.

“When I was enstooled Akwamuhene, I took a solemn oath to improve Akwamuman far beyond at that time. Now without waste of time, resources and opportunity occasioned by the just ended litigation, I will apply myself fully towards the task of improving physical development of Akwamuman and I will expect you all to join”, he said.

Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, speaking on education, affirmed his vision to emulate successful initiatives in practice elsewhere and develop ways in which the poorest citizens will have access to education and skill training.

He revealed that, he has already started working with companies and institutions as well as some well-doing Akwamu citizens to offer financial support to promising youths with scholarships and bursaries.

  Present at the durbar were the Akwapim-Mamfehene Otunbour Gyan Kwesi, the Aburihene, Nana Ansah Sasraku III, representative of the Asamankesehene, Bafour Kwame Awuahste, the Dodowahene, and Nene Teye Agyeman.

The rest are Dr Cadman Mills, brother of the late former President of Ghana, Professor John Evans Atta Mills, the Member of Parliament for Asougyaman,  Thomas Ampem Nyarko, the District Chief Executive, Samuel Agyakum among other dignitaries.


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