Ajumako Traditional Council destools Nana …but he says traditional council has no jurisdiction to remove him

The Adontenhen of Ajumako in the Central Region, Nana Damfo Baah has been destooled by the Ajumako Traditional Council for what it described as “gross disrespect” toOkokodurfo Ogyeabo Kwamena Hammah Ababio, Omanhen of Ajumako Traditional Area and the Council.

According to the Council, the Adontenhen had demonstrated to the Omanhen and the entire Traditional Council on many occasions that he could no longer serve as the Adontenhen of Ajumako.

A press statement issued on July 22 this year said, the conduct and attitude of the Adontenhen was in direct breach of the oath he swore to the Omanhen and the Traditional Council on his outdooring.

Among other misconducts which resulted in his destoolment, it said on August 24, 2021 an emergency meeting was called by the Traditional Council to swear in Ampeajumako Gyaasehen which the Adontenhen refused to show up.

On August 31, 2021, the statement said the Adontenhen refused to be present for another emergency meeting which was convened to hear Dr Dominic Eduyaw’s plea on behalf of Nana NstesteAbabio of Assasan.

It noted that the Adontenhen also failed to report for Okyeame Annan’s one-week observation which was on January 28, 2022 and refused to accompany the Omanhene for a funeral at TeshieNungua on February 5, 2022.

Although, the statement said he was invited on many occasions by the Omanhen to justify his action on two or three occasions, the Adontenhen did not heed to the call.

“The Traditional Council can no longer hold Nana DamfoBaah as its Adontenhenand for that matter,a member of the Council. He is hereby deposed as the Adontenhen of Ajumako Traditional Area,” the statement added.

It called on the family to present a new person as the Adontenhen and cautioned that anyone who deals with him as the Adontenhen of Ajumako does that at his own risk.

However, in an interview with the Ghanaian Times, Nana DamfoBaah said the paramount chief had no jurisdiction to remove him as the chief of his hometown, adding that there were rules that were to be followed in chieftaincy.

“Besides the traditional council meeting he used as the basis has no merit as I have served his office with an excuse duty letter in May,” he added.

Citing reasons for the current rift, he said, for more than 30 years, the Omanhene had refused to acknowledge his family’s rightful role as the Adontenhene, adding that “my seat is being occupied by different chiefs.”

“The arrangement is no longer working so I have decided to walkout of the agreement.  He cannot destool me because he has rather offended me of which other chiefs have taken similar decisions and are no more part of the Paramountcy,” Nana DamfoBaah stated.


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