Afriyie Ankrah confident of winning NDC General Secretary position 

 An aspiring General Secretary for the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, is confident of win­ning the election at the party’s national delegates’ congress slated for tomorrow at the Accra Sports Stadium.

That, he said was because the delegates of the NDC be­lieved in his leadership which had been demonstrated over the years.

At a press conference in Accra yesterday, Mr Ankrah said; “we are on the verge of a historical electoral victory and we have just about 48 hours to go and therefore we need to keep our eyes on the ball.”

According to Mr Ankrah, the NDC delegates believe in his experience, had bought into his message and were aware of his passion, dedication and commitment to the party.

“I have been a deputy campaign manager for the John Evans Atta Mills, deputy campaign coordi­nator, Deputy General Secretary and I have also been in charge of operations for the 2008 general elections, I have served as a Depu­ty Minister of Local Government and Rural Development and in 2012 became the campaign coordi­nator for the general elections.”

“Throughout these years I have served the party faithfully until re­cently when I became the elections director in 2020.

Mr Ankrah said he had ran the cleanest institution-based cam­paign in the country focusing on the issues that were relevant to the needs and aspirations of the teeming party supporters and to the nation at large.

He therefore urged his cam­paign team to remain focused, tidy up neatly, do the needful and put in the last effort to ensure that “the victory that is beckoning at us is delivered in a grand style.”

To his fellow aspirants and con­tenders, he said the common enemy of the party was the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and not each other. Therefore, he urged them to forge ahead with a clean campaign.

“Indeed it is obvious that, the spirit of the NDC is resilient, the party is buoyant and poised to re­capture power in 2024.

“And to those who think in this last hour they can manufacture sto­ries and put them out there in order to swindle potential voters, they will be disappointed as we have been right from the beginning of this campaign,” Mr Ankrah added.

He called on his fellow aspirants to go into the election as a family devoid of violence, ‘moneycracy’ and allowing delegates to vote by their conscience and not because they have been influenced.


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