African journalists tour Israel

Ambassador Nahshon briefing the media during dinner

Ambassador Nahshon briefing the media during dinner

Twenty-three journalists from African Anglophone countries have arrived in Israel for a professional study tour.


The journalists would have the opportunity to study on a variety of issues, including Israel’s politics, security challenges, achievements in agriculture and water, and Israel as an innovation hub and tourism.


The countries are Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameron, Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Angola and South Sudan.


Ambassador Emmanuel Nahshon, Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, said the relationship between Israel and Africa had existed for decades.


He said when Israel was emerging as a young country, some African countries also had the privilege to break away from their colonial masters, and “Israel saw the need to assist such countries through diplomatic initiatives.”


Ambassador Nahshon said 1957; Israel recognised Ghana’s independence, adding that Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (MASHAV) was set up to support emerging independent African states.


“Israel has been built and re-built over decades; we have also gone through hardship — with Moses God led us out of Egypt; we were once strangers, therefore, we believe in extending help to those that matter the most,” he said.


He said some of the areas Israeli government was interested in helping Africa included education, agriculture, security and health.


Ambassador Nahshon said the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) had posted some of their personnel to Africa to give them training in counter-terrorism, adding that there were other programmes put in place to help Africa.


He commended Africa for its fast development, and was optimistic the relationship between Israel and Africans would grow.


“I am glad Africa is growing every day, we would not hesitate to support Africa, if the need arises,” he said.



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