African Group of Ambassadors, High Commissioners mark Africa Day

 THE African Group of Ambassadors and High Commissioners on Sat­urday observed African Union Day in Accra to showcase Africa’s diversity in unity.

The highlight of the celebration held at the Togo Embassy was a food bazaar, displaying the various countries’ cuisines and beverages for guests to take a bite.

A collection of music from the various countries was played, which attracted the various Am­bassadors and High Commission­ers onto the stage, dancing and singing along to the admiration of the guests.

May 25 is observed on the African continent to commemo­rate the birth of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in 1963, which was later transformed into the African Union (AU).

“This event is a brilliant case of how important our unity is, and how enriching is our diversity,” Imane Ouaadil, Morocco Ambas­sador to Ghana and Dean of the group, told the gathering.

“This Africa Day is especially our day, when our African broth­ers and sisters demonstrate their abundant talent, the richness, vari­ety and good taste of our African cuisines, but particularly also for our expression of our African love for the continent.”

Mrs Ouaadil said it was an opportunity to reflect on the past, the present and the future, adding, “Today we celebrate the diversity of Africa, we commemorate the establishment of the Organisation of African Unity now African Union.”

“The duty of memories offers an opportunity to arouse Africa and Africans in order to respond positively and effectively to the growing and multifaceted chal­lenges strewn along the paths of development, peace, and equality,” she added.

Mrs Ouaadil said, “For this purpose, Africa’s leadership and vision to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s uncertainties as well as opportunities remains indispensable as well as endow ourselves with requisite capacity in order to take bold steps that the changing international landscape demands.”

The host, Togo Ambassador to Gha­na, Awoki Panassa, praised the Ambassa­dors and High Com­missioners for their participation, which he said demonstrated the unity of the continent.

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