African governments urged to invest more in climate change

African governments have been urged to invest more on climate change to protect the continent of the effects of the menace.

The Investment Director of Injaro Investments, Mirabelle Moreaux, who made the call, stressed the need for Heads of State in Africa to unite on issues of climate change.

The webinar was organised by the African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET) to discuss the outcomes of the COP 26, recently held in Glasgow, Scotland.

Organised in partnership with African Union Development Agency (AUDA-New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD),the programme which was on the theme “Climate Change: Securing Africa’s Future,” assembled policy and climate change experts to discuss measures to combat climate change.

Miss Moreaux charged African leaders to join the fight against climate, saying that “climate change has no boundary and since it has no boundaries it goes beyond the national boundaries and has becomes a global issue.”

She said it was crucial for African governments to invest more in projects that would curb climate change such as afforestation and clean energy sources.

Miss Moreaux commended the move by the Chadian government to gradually move from fossil fuel to combat climate change, saying it was a “bold step in the right direction.

She suggested that the part of the $700 billion used by the United States annually as global subsidies should be allocated to fund Climate Change programmes.

Ms Moreaux stressed that $16 billion of the $700 billion could be used to support climate change programmes in Africa.

The Chief Executive Officer of AUDA, Dr Ibrahim Mayaki, said the public must be involved in discussions and programmes to combat climate change.

He entreated the media to lead the crusade and education on climate change issues.

“The public must really be involved in the discourse on climate change and journalists and the media must help look for and propagate innovations on climate change,” Dr Mayaki.

The Founder and President of the African Centre for Economic Transformation (ACET), Dr K.Y Amoako, commended the discussants for their insights and suggestions offered to combat climate change.

He said the objective of the programme fit into the mandate of ACET which was to see the rapid transformation and development of Africa.

 “The Agenda to transform Africa has been consistently pushed by ACET for the past 13 years till now,” said Former Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa.


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