African based Fintech Startup FIDO rebrands

FIDO, the leading fintech company whose mission is to empower individuals and entrepreneurs to capture op­portunities in Africa has launched Fido Score, the first transparent digital financial identity and an­nounced its new branding.

After serving over 450,000 cus­tomers and disbursing more than two million loans, Fido launched its new app, packed with new features and boasting a bold new pink look.

The new Fido App is faster, easier to use and more secure.

Fido Score, the latest innova­tion, shifts power back to the peo­ple by empowering them to build and maintain a digital financial track record.

Based on this score, person­alised offers are matched to cus­tomers’ needs and abilities. Fido Score also educates customers on actions they can take to improve their score thereby unlocking improved offerings.

“The black and yellow colors that served us for many years made room for a vibrant, bold, colour palette with pink at its core. We’ve also created a new logo, imagery and communication style that is a reflection of our corpo­rate personality: young, bold and transparent,” AlonEitan, Fido’s CEO, said in a statement issued in Accra yesterday.

“We’re on a mission to em­power individuals and entrepre­neurs to take charge of their future. Fido Score is an import­ant step towards that. Now our customers can create their own digital financial identity, and reap the benefits of being visible to the financial system,” he added.

“Getting the New Fido App is very easy. Just download the Fido App from the Google Play Store, register your details to create your account, and follow all the need­ed guidelines to successfully apply for your first loan. Your Fido Score feature will be calculated after completing your first loan and with every action you take on the Fido app,” he said.


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