Afienya District tops illegal power theft in Tema Region

Electric generator

Electric generator

Afienya District has topped the list of illegal connections in the Tema Regional Office of the Electricity of Ghana (ECG).

The district takes over from Tema New Town which was in the lead until recently.

The Revenue Protection Manager, Mrs Zita Kyei-Gyamfi who disclosed this to reporters described the area as a developing one with lots of communities and so some residents had resorted to tapping electricity into their homes without the notice of the power authorities.

She mentioned some of the mode of operations as meter-by-pass, meter tampering, illegal meter transfer, illegal direct connection, a situation, she said was robbing  the nation of huge sums of revenue.

Mrs Kyei-Gyamfi said her team would ensure that such unpatriotic citizens were exposed and legal action taken against them.

According to the Tema Revenue Protection Manager, illegal usage of power posed danger to the lives and property of users since it could lead to possible damage of electrical appliances and fire, affect electricity supply to others and overloading of transformers.

She also called on all residents of the area to be vigilant and report the activities of such persons stealing power from the ECG for actions to be taken against them.


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