Adjiringanor land dispute: Top Kings Ltd, Nungua Stool rightful owners – Benjamin Danso

 Top Kings Enterprise Lim­ited, a real estate company on Friday refuted claims that the company and the Nungua Stool have allegedly taken over a parcel of land belonging to Empire Builders.

On January 31, Empire Builders organised a press conference and alleged that its lands were taken over by Top Kings and Nungua Stool and called on the president to intervene.

But in reaction to the press con­ference held by Empire Builders, Top Kings Enterprise Limited, on Friday, said that the company and Nungua Stool were the rightful owners of the land situated at Adjiringanor.

Mr Benjamin Danso, the General Manager for Top Kings Enterprise Ltd, and Special Aide to the Nungua Stool told journalists in Accra on Friday that the land in question was litigated for more than 22 years and that the Supreme Court brought finality to the matter in 2020, with a decision that went in favour of Top Kings Enterprise Ltd and the Nungua Stool.

Mr Danso urged clients and members of the public seeking to buy land in the area to only deal with Top Kings Enterprise Ltd, and the Nungua Stool as they were the rightful owners of the land.

He said in 1999 Empire Builders initiated legal action against Top Kings Enterprise Ltd, and Nungua Stool over the land covering 1800 acres.

Mr Danso said Empire Builders, the plaintiff lost all judgements from the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

He said Empire Builders, not satisfied with the decisions of the courts, filed separate suits at the Accra High Court, Land Court 10 Division, and the Adenta High Court, all of which were dismissed.

Mr Danso said it was untrue that Empire Builders were granted leas­es to a land totalling 402 acres by the government and Nungua Stool.

He said the Supreme Court judgement did not state that Em­pire Builders were owners of 402 acres of land.

On the two-week ultimatum giv­en by Empire Builders for govern­ment to intervene in the matter, Mr Danso reminded Empire Builders that Top Kings Enterprise Ltd, were only working with the deci­sion of the Supreme Court which legitimises Top Kings Enterprise Ltd, and Nungua Stool as the right­ful owners of the land.

“We are not aware if the gov­ernment has responded yet to their press conference, but clearly Em­pire Builders Ltd, does not expect the government to overturn the various court decisions dismissing its claims to the land. The obvious reason being there, is no merit in its claims and no court will enter­tain them any longer.

He said Ghana was a country governed by laws, adding that in 2020, when the validity of the elec­tion of President Akufo-Addo was challenged, it took the Supreme Court to affirm that President Akufo-Addo was validly elected.

Mr Danso advised Empire Builders Ltd, to seek redress in court rather than fighting Top Kings through press conferences.

“Land disputes are resolved at the court and not by press confer­ences or the intervention of the president,” Mr Danso added.

Mr Danso alleged that after the January 31 press conference, Empire Builders Ltd, allegedly demolished properties running into millions of Ghana Cedis on the land granted by the Nungua Stool and also affirmed by the court.

He, however, commended the Ghana Armed Forces for maintain­ing law on the land.


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