Adhere to former President Mahama’s advice

Last Sunday, former President John Dramani Mahama appealed to Ghanaians to join hands with the Akufo-Addo administration in its effort to put back the economy on track. (See story on page  )

The appeal coming from Mr Mahama at a funeral in Wais very significant.

 Its significance lies in the fact that it is coming from an opposition leader, who, in our part of the world, would usually lambast the government and paint it in a way that would make the public see him as the only person they should wait for to bring a magic wand to reverse the precarious situation.

Even though, Mr Mahama did not stop short of blaming the Akufo-Addo government for mismanaging the country’s economy, he deserves tonnes of commendation for the path he has charted.

This is a deviation from the usual acidic criticism of one’s political opponent without showing any sympathy for a chance for him to make amends or without the opponent offering an alternative way out of the problem.

Mr Mahama’s statement that “if you are in opposition and you are happy with what is happening now and the economy collapses, there will be no economy to inherit, even if you win power in 2024” is food for thought for everyone at the opposition side of the political divide.

Another one – “Let us all hold hands together as Ghanaians beyond political and family considerations to make sure that we recover this economy”— is also full of wisdom from a statesman.

Party members, particularly party executive members at all the levels, communicators, supporters and journalists sympathetic towards the NDC must show Mr Mahama maximum respect by adhering to his advice.

Likewise, members and supporters of the ruling New Patriotic Party must take a cue from Mr Mahama’s position and save him disrespect anytime he expresses his opinion about the government.

If nothing at all, by his current pronouncement, he is saying that a new dawn has come for politicians, no matter where they stand around the political divide, to seek the good of the country rather than their own parochial self-interest, which usually undermines the national good.

Mr Mahama has introduced a concept which is alien to politicians in the country, a concept of fairness, objectivity and togetherness towards political opponents, and acknowledgement of reality in the political arena.

The former president has offered a concept to improve governance and political discourse and activism in the country.

Strict adherence to this new concept would kill dangerous propaganda, political mischief and vilification and the benefits will be sanity and perpetuity of the peace and tranquillity in the country.


Kudos to Black Stars but…

The Black Stars nearly killed our joy yesterday over Mr Mahama’s appeal when they allowed South Korea, in the second half of their encounter at Qatar 2022, to level the 2-0 score they suffered in the first half.

We congratulate the Stars on their 3-2 win at the end of proceedings but must note that they cannot and should not carry any sloppiness into their game against Uruguay on Friday.

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