Adentan Municipal Assembly adopts 2022-2025 MTDP

The Adentan Municipal Assembly has resolved to redesign and renovate broken wooden windows as well as tile the corridors of all schools in the area.

It has also resolved to raise the fence wall of the Sowa Din Basic School and expand other existing school buildings to increase enrolment.

The members of the Assembly made the resolution when they unanimously adopted the executive committee report presented to the house at the 3rd Ordinary Meeting of the 2nd Session of the 4th Assembly on Friday in Accra.

All 18-Member assembly voted yes to adopt the report signed by its chairman, Daniel Alexander Nii-Noi Adumuah, who is the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Adentan.

The report urged Assembly Members to monitor projects within their electoral areas to ensure the people get value for money.

It called for the involvement of assembly members in community engagements prior to the mounting of telecom mast and establishment of fuel and gas stations, before the issuance of permit, to ensure the right procedures are followed.

The report called for improvement on the 400-metre Ogbojo Hospital road from the Bob School to the gas station.

The members of the assembly used the occasion to adopt the Draft 2022-2025 Medium Term Development Plan of the assembly.

Under the plan, the assembly would within three years increase enrolment in public schools by 30 per cent, provide sports equipment and improve sports infrastructure in the schools and communities.

In the health sector, at least 6,000 births and 400 deaths would be registered by 2025, increase municipal HIV/AIDS response by five per cent and provide sustainable public health services to 95 per cent of the population.

On road infrastructure, the medium term plan envisaged to improve road safety by 70 per cent and the road network from 24 per cent to 35 per cent by December, 2025.

The municipality intends to improve crop production by 10 per cent, promote livestock and poultry development for food security and income generation by 10 per cent, and increase youth and women participation in fish farming by 40 per cent.

With regard to local economic development, about 200 medium and small-scale entrepreneurs would be given market access to build capacity of 80 per cent youth to discover wealth creation.

The plan would by December 2025 improve permit acquisition through online system, increase tree planting on residential plots along key roads by 50 per cent, increase data on street address by 10 per cent, as well as increase the assembly’s land bank by 10 per cent while earmarking 30 per cent increase in revenue generation from property rates.

The plan would preserve and protect 80 per cent of existing water bodies, promote circular environmental management of municipal waste by reducing, reusing and recycling of at least 50 per cent of waste generated by 2025, while increasing access to improved sanitation by providing 1,000 household toilets and five institutional sanitation facilities during the same period, as well as assist in connecting eight communities to portable water, supply.

On disaster risk management the medium-term plan is also expected to reduce the effect of flood and fire outbreaks by 30 per cent, promote proactive planning and implementation for disaster prevention and mitigation, increase tree planting or residential plots and key roads by 50 per cent.

It is expected to register 80 of transport operators, as well as improve road safety management by 70 per cent, improve Information Communication Technology (ICT) services especially network infrastructure internet services and increase the assembly’s fleet of vehicles by three annually.


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