Addai Nimoh: I’ve not relinquished my presidential ambition

 Addai Nimoh, the former two term New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Mampong in the Ashanti Region, has assured that he has not relinquished his presidential ambition when he contested for the party’s presidential candidacy position in 2015.

He contested with then candidate Nana Akufo-Addo, now President and others and said it is only a matter of time as he is gearing to compete for same position at the right opportunity.

“I still have presidential ambition, when the time comes, I will avail myself, I am motivated by my leadership style which saw me do a lot of things for my constituents, my handiworks have seen same people who rejected me in 2016 primaries of the party, now yearning for my return,” Mr Nimoh noted.

He described the period under which he served the people of Mampong as an MP in the “wilderness” since his party was in opposition and insisted that “for eight years of being in the wilderness, I did a lot of things for my constituents, I was rejected by the same people who are now yearning for my return to lead them.

“When you carry water and alcohol you will definitely know which one is heavier than the other, after comparing my style of leadership to others, they’ve seen clear distinction in terms of leadership qualities I offered as MP in opposition at that time, they saw what I was able to do and have now compared it to an MP in government.

 “In terms of governance, there was cordiality with traditional authorities, religious leaders, other groupings, I instituted free vacation classes in Mampong, an initiative later replicated by some MPs in their constituencies, used my common fund to finance projects in all 43 communities in the constituency, supported brilliant but needy pupils and students to pursue higher education with some graduating to serve the country,” Mr Nimoh touted.

He has again filed nomination forms to contest the party’s parliamentary primary for Mampong constituency which was submitted at the constituency office but was rejected by constituency executives, sparking an uproar which resulted in five persons sustaining severe injuries. Saddened, the leadership of the party by such occurrence stepped in to calm nerves, requesting him to file his nomination at the National Headquarters of the party.

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