Adamus Resources Limited dismisses false publication against company

The Adamus Resources Lim­ited has asked the public to ignore false publication about the company and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Angela List.

According to a statement issued on Tuesday and copied the Ghanaian Times, the company alleged some faceless people were behind the false publications.

It said that following its investi­gations into the matter, company found that the false publications were orchestrated and published aggrieved persons who were seeking to throw dust into the eyes of the public.

“It is worth noting that these same persons, in matter currently before the High Court of Ghana, tried to illegally remove Angela List, as Di­rector, Finance and Administration in BCM Ghana Ltd.

“The court in an interim injunction ruling held that Angela List was a Director and that their actions were illegal. These same persons continue to carry themselves out as having the authority to direct the affairs of that company, although the Court ruled that the affairs of the company should be in the hands of an interim management committee,” it said.

It said that the publication made by the faceless people was another attempt to continue their mischievous agenda and personal vendetta against Ms List.

Furthermore, the statement said, it had come to the attention of man­agement that the persons involved in the false publications were seeking to suggest that they were in control of Adamus Resources Ltd (“Adamus Ghana”) and had taken over its man­agement.

Further, the said perpetrators continue to represent that Adamus Resources Limited (“Adamus Austra­lia”) is the holder of 78,300 ordinary shares and 1350 preference shares of the company although, all the official records would indicate that Adamus Australia, did not have any such inter­ests in the business.


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