Adam Bonaa decries govt’s handling of secession threat

Adam Bonaa, a Security Analyst, has decried the response of the National Security set up to the threats of secessionists in the Volta Region.

He said the technocrats and civil servants at the various national security establishments could have done better in helping to address the situation.

Mr Bonaa expressed surprise that the recent violent actions of the groups could not be pre-empted especially when the groups had existed for a considerable period of time.

In September, members of a secessionist group believed to be Homeland Study Group Foundation (HSGF) attacked the State Transport Corporation (STC) in the Volta Regional capital, Ho, and torched one of its buses.

Days earlier they blocked major entry points into the Volta Region leading to serious traffic congestion and one person died in the process when security authorities stormed the area to restore calm and order.

But Mr Bonaa bemoaned that security chiefs had failed in delivering sound advice to the government on how to deal with the threat of secession saying “they (secessionists) just didn’t spring up from nowhere, they started from somewhere so the idea was that, if we were following them over the years, the technocrats and public servants should have given proper advice to the leadership of the country but unfortunately, this has not been done.”

The security analyst had earlier called for the National Security Minister, Albert Kan- Dapaah, to be fired for not being able to handle the separatist tensions in the Volta Region and insisted that “when you go to our National Security Minister, for me, I think that he should have been fired because he is superintending over the chaos.”

Meanwhile, 60 persons have been arrested over the recent disturbances in the Volta Region by a secessionist group with many of them currently in police custody awaiting a second appearance in court.

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