Adaklu Traditional Council calls for DCE removal

The Adaklu Traditional Council has urged the president to remove the District Chief Executive (DCE) for Adaklu from office for alleged persistent show of disrespect and maligning traditional authorities in the district.

They alleged that on countless occasions Phanuel Kadey Donkor, the District Chief Executive demonstrated gross disrespect to the chiefs and maligned them on public platforms, which had not augured well for the growth and development of the district.

Togbe Gbogbi Atsa V, President of the Council and Paramount Chief of the area at a traditional council meeting held at Adaklu Abuadi, noted that his offensive conduct could no longer be countenanced by the traditional authorities and called for his removal.

According to Togbe Atsa, “the last straw that broke the camel’s back was the DCE’s failure to make a physical appearance for the traditional council meeting scheduled for July 29, to discuss pertinent development challenges in the area.”

However, Mr Donkor has vehemently denied the allegations and indicated that he was yet to receive the letter inviting him for the traditional council meeting, and expressed surprise at the turn of events.

Togbe Atsa alleged that, “Mr Donkor peddled untruths and made damaging comments on radio as if chieftains are a bought commodity and lacked moral reasoning power due to his divisive nature and continuous gross insubordination, we the traditional authorities of Adaklu Traditional Area, have decided not to work with him again and call for his replacement.”

Togbe Edem II, Divisional Chief of Adaklu-Tsrefe, said Mr Donkor’s appointment as DCE was protested by the traditional authorities, and made known to Dr Archibald Letsa, the Volta Regional Minister, but they were convinced that he was a changed person, who should be given a chance.

Responding, Mr Donkor insisted that, “My checks indicates that the letter was with Mr Obimpeh, constituency organiser of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), he got the letter on July 26 and yet to give it to me, I can’t go to the meeting without any invite, it is a gathering for traditional authorities, I am a royal and cannot show disrespect and malign traditional authorities.” –GNA

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