Ada children resort to filling potholes, begging for alms

Some children between the ages of 9 and 14, at Sege-Ada in the Ada West District have resorted to filling potholes on roads, while begging for alms from motorists as a means of earning a living.

They undertake the activity in communities along the road from Aveyime, Tsokpo, Lukpe and Battor, mostly from Fridays to Sundays.

Although the practice is common in most part of the country, the children in the above communities use a more dangerous and daring approach by kneeling and begging in the middle of the road and close to the pothole being filled as captured by our cameras.

One of them, Daniel, a primary three pupil of Luta Basic School at the Sege-Ada, told the Ghanaian Times last Saturday that, they usuallydirect motorists to use the repaired portions and then beg for “tips” from drivers as they drive pass them.

On a very good day, especially on Saturdays, he said, he was able to make between GH¢15 and GH¢20

He stated that he handed over the money to his parents in order to cater for his educational materials and feeding during the week.

Although, he admitted to exposing himself to danger by kneeling in the middle of the road, he noted that that was the only option motorists could have sympathy on him for “tips.”

“We plan so that the potholes filling exercise does not interfere with school hours, especially from Monday to Friday morning.

We only work on Friday afternoon, where travelers usually use the road for funerals and functions in various towns,” Daniel added.

Some concerned road users attributed the upsurge of children filling potholes and begging on the road to high poverty levels in the area, and the children feel they are next to fill the potholes, following  the failure of the authorities to rehabilitate the deteriorated roads.

Mr Michael Doe, a commercial bus driver said, the usage of the road by heavy trucks had contributed to the worsening condition of the road, thereby creating the opportunity for the children to fill the potholes.

“If the road is fixed, I believe this practice will stop and would not expose these innocent children to unwanted accidents and child exploitation,” he said.

He called on authorities to work on the road to make travelling better at the comfort of the passengers and other road users.


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