ACUC inaugurates two laboratories to help combat climate change

The Academic City Univer­sity College (ACUC) in Accra on Thursday inaugurated two laboratories to support the development of smart solutions to combat climate change, and promote cutting-edge research and innovation in the field of advanced technology.

The Climate Change Entre­preneurs (CCE) and the Arm Laboratories will serve as hubs for exchange of knowledge and capacity building and promote re­search in the area of technology.

It is funded by the US State Department and Arm Limited, an international technology com­pany.

The US Department of State in COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland, offered to support the establish­ment of the laboratories.

The President of Academic City University College, Profes­sor Fred McBagonluri, said the establishment of the laboratories was to promote innovation and research in the area of technology to help provide sustainable solu­tions to combat climate change and societal challenges.

“As a university, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation. We believe that the future is in our hands and that we must ensure its sustainability and equity. We are proud to announce these two new facilities, which will enable us to continue to solve complex and pressing issues in our communities and beyond,” he said.

He said the effects of climate change were becoming increas­ingly apparent, changing weather patterns and resulting in rising temperatures and sea levels leading to devastating natural disasters.

Prof. McBagonluri said the centre would help provide resourc­es and support entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into viable prod­ucts and services.

“We believe that this centre will play a key role in promoting sus­tainability and fostering economic expansion and development,” he said, adding that “by supporting entrepreneurs and assisting them in bringing their innovations to market, we do not only create jobs and improve people’s lives, but also contribute to the international effort to mitigate the effects of climate change,” the President said.

Prof. McBagonluri said it was to equip students and entrepre­neurs with the skills, knowledge, and experience they need to suc­ceed in today’s rapidly challenging environment.

Professor McBagonluri ex­pressed appreciation to the United States Department of State; Arm Limited, and other partners for supporting the establishment of the two laboratories, and urged entrepreneurs, researchers, and innovators to use the laboratories to positively impact the Ghanaian and global community.

The Special Representative for Global Partnerships of the Office of Global Partnerships for U.S Department of State, Dorothy S. M McAuliffe, said the laborato­ries in Ghana were the first to be established in the world.

She said the CCE would help the youth to come out with solu­tions to combat climate change.

Ms McAuliffe said CCE laboratory would help students, developers and start-ups to work with industry experts to create sustainable technology and busi­nesses to protect the world from climate change.

The Senior Director of Emerging Economies of Arm Limited, Stephen Ozoigbo, said Academy City University College was chosen for the project be­cause of the College’s focus on training future leaders in technol­ogy-driven programmes.

He said plans were underway to set up similar laboratories in the public universities, saying the first would be done at the Uni­versity of Cape Coast (UCC) and later expanded to the others.


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