Acts of sacrifice make better 

When two people are merging different lifestyles, the survival of the relationship mostly depends on their basic compatibility and their ability to sacrifice.  One of the greatest questions is who should be making the sacrifice?

 Sacrifice is to give  something precious to someone. The term which  is often used in religious contexts refers to the act of offering something precious to a deity.

For Christians, the greatest form of sacrifice was the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ to atone for  the sins of mankind.

In relationships and marriages, this is often one of  the themes  that seem to be problematic mostly because partners either under utilise or over utilise sacrifice. The crux of the matter is that sacrificing and compromising should not be a one-sided affair.  

Sacrifices should be healthy and considerate, most often, women are seen to be at the receiving end while men benefit from the sacrifices some women make.

Men should not capitalise on the above scenario, they too can let go off something for a worthy cause of their partners and wives.

This will enrich the relationship.  Intense love has no qualms about making considerable sacrifices.

Jesus gave  his life to mankind wholeheartedly; without any resentment, so proper form of sacrifice is one that is without any regret or resentment.

For this reason,  partners and couples should sit to deliberate on such issues which require act of sacrifice. This should be done in a  calm environment and calm state devoid of any hasty decisions which will be regretted in future.

So for instance, if your girlfriend, fiancée or wife seeks to further her education, it will be ‘inhumane’ to tell her to relegate that plan totally.

 If your cause of concern is about finances, try and meet her half way if possible or find ways of addressing it to suit all parties because when she embarks on that journey it will  in the end make your relationship better and also alleviate future financial setbacks. See that journey as means to a good end.

One partner getting upset and feeling unheard is a surefire way for things to end.

The writer is a relationship  counsellor and can be reached through:

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