Acknowledge me for Daavi Ne Ba – Kawoula Biov to Patapaa

An American Steel magnate by name Charles Schwab once said, “The way to develop the best that is in a person, is by appreciation and encouragement.”


But this wise saying has not manifested in two young Ghanaian musicians from Swedru in the Central Region, regarding the release of the trending song, ‘Daavi Ne Ba’, which has the tendency of breaking their friendship, unless the right things are done to salvage the situation.

Kwame Aglamey known in the showbiz circles as KawoulaBiov is peeved because Patapaa has failed to give him credit as well as recognise him as the brain behind the song.

According to Kawoula, he was the originator of ‘Daavi Ne Ba’ and featured a friend (since they are all from Swedru) to sing the ‘SCOPATUMANA’ rap lines in the song, which has made it popular.

He was, however, not happy that his friend (Patapaa) now behaved as if he was the composer.

“I invested huge sums of money in the promotion of the song, in addition to paying him for the feature and other bills just to ensure that the song comes out,” he said.

For him, he did all these to give the necessary mileage to the song, only for Patapaa to be seen performing the song on numerous platforms without acknowledging him (KawoulaBiov).

Speaking to The Spectator, KawoulaBiov said, he had nothing evil against Patapaa, adding, he had spoken to the ‘One Corner’hitmaker behind the scenes. However, his (Patapaa) posture suggested he wanted to take over the song by force.

According to him, Patapaa had gone further to release a counter song dubbed ‘Scopatumana’, using a popular line in the song ‘Daavi Ne Ba’.

On the other hand, Patapaa had denied claiming ownership of the song, in other interviews.

KawoulaBiov is ready to smoke the peace pipe with Patapaa, for unity to prevail, adding that there is no need for their friendship to hit the rocks over music.

By Edem Mensah-Tsotorme                                                                       

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