Acer’s new Vero Chromebook is built to be recycled

Acer looks to help save the planet, one Chromebook at a time

Acer has unveiled its new eco-friendly Vero Chromebook range as it looks to help change the way users consider, use and dispose of their devices.

Going against the grain of other manufacturers, the new Acer Vero 514 Chromebook has components that are not only repairable and upgradable, but modular, allowing the device to last longer and reducing waste.

But the device is no lightweight in performance, with Acer packing the Vero 514 with the most recent 12th Gen Intel Core processors, Xe graphics, and an estimated 10-hour battery life, with options of a five-core Pentium Gold 8505 processor, a Core i3, i5, or an i7 to power the machine.

Lean, green, powerful machine

The release comes after Acer identified a problem with the way laptops were being created, sourced, and disposed of, starting the Acer Earthion Mission, an initiative to save the planet, one laptop at a time. 

The new Acer Vero 514 has an overall 30% PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic build, with elements like keycaps reaching upwards of 50%, and the trackpad’s surface being made of 100% ocean-bound plastic.

Additionally, packaging materials are upwards of 90% recycled paper packaging, with parts of the packaging not only made from recycled materials but can be recycled in a very easy way – as a laptop riser

Parts of the packaging can be manipulated to create a triangular stand to prop the laptop up to get a more ergonomic height.

Much like similarly slim notebooks such as the MacBook Air choosing to include fewer connectivity options, Acer has given the Vero 514 minimal ports, with a USB-A port, an HDMI, two USB-C ports, and a headphone jack included, alongside a modest 1080p webcam, a fingerprint scanner, and a 1080p display with Gorilla Glass.

The Acer Vero 514 will be released in October 2022 with a base price of $499 in the US, and will be released in the EMEA in November 2022 with a base price of EUR 599.

By Collin Probst

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