Accra beaches record low patronage

The beaches of Accra yesterday recorded low patronage as revellers failed to troop there in their numbers to have fun and relax as usually done on public holidays.

Many of the beaches The Ghanaian Times visited on the occasion of Founders’ Day had a handful of people swimming in the sea and others on the shore having a good time.

The large crowd that is often observed at Laboma Beach, La Pleasure Beach, Korle-Gono Beach and Independence Beach, was non-existent when the reporter went there to monitor happenings.

As of 1pm, there were a few people at the La Beach Resort who had gathered in groups of families, friends and associations having conversations while enjoying a variety of foods and beverages.

Apart from swimming, some of the revellers rode horses, played games like Ludo with others displaying their dance moves.

Although managers of the beaches declined to speak about factors that might have accounted for the low patronage the revellers and food vendors assigned various socio-economic reasons.

A reveller, Mr Frank Adjei, told the reporter that he was a regular patron of the beach on holiday, but this patronage was one of the lowest in recent times.

He said it could be that people were beginning to lose interest in visiting the beach on holidays for various reasons including the fact that they had other engagements.

He said every holiday was an opportunity for him to enjoy the breeze, swim and play beach football in order to relax and get himself rejuvenated for work the next day.

“Since today is a holiday, I have decided to come to this place to relax and get myself recharged for work tomorrow. I can do that with or without many people here,” he said.

Another patron, Mr Michael Lartey, who expressed surprise at the low attendance, said the beach was not the same without the huge number of people.

That notwithstanding, he said,  he and his family would have a  good time and release some stress as planned given that they barely found time to socialise due to work demands.

For some food sellers, although the attendance had not been what they anticipated, they were expecting that few people would visit the beach so they could make some sales.

The situation was the same at the Independence Beach where mostly the youth were seen engaging in some activities such as swimming and football with sellers moving along the beaches in an anticipation that they would be called by customers to make a purchase.

At the Korle-Gono beach resort, only a countable number of people were seen seated under shades with their families as they engaged in conversations. END.


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