Academics, youth advised not to be theoretical, but practical

The Founder and General Overseer of the Worldwide Miracle Outreach, Rev. Dr Lawrence Tetteh, has advised the youth and academics not to only be theoretical but also be practical oriented.

“Education has passed the trench of theory, rather, practical should accompany the theory to enable students to practice what they learn everywhere they go.

“It is not enough to learn a culture of understanding but a culture of understanding that will enable us to  inculcate practical things what we do that can be helpful to society and not only theory, ” he said.

Rev. Dr Tetteh made these remarks at a day’s conference held in Accra on Tuesday and organised by ‘Made for More Incorporation’ a public speaking group that focused on creating self-awareness, image branding, career counselling and capacity building.

It was the second edition held at the Pentecost University, Accra on the theme, “Paradigm Shift”.

Rev. Dr Tetteh stated that paradigm shift at this age did not necessarily mean science but meant a business, culture, tradition and religion, therefore, people should change their attitude and reflect the current way of doing things.

“We should not offend people but be creative in our society and our present will be effective,” he added.

The Chief Executive Officer(CEO) for Made for More, Mr Emmanuel Afagbedzi highlighted that society should not live as if we were in the Stone Age.

“Paradigm shift simply means a change of mind, attitude and doing something new. This is the twenty first century and people are still living as if they’re in the olden days. This should change and it begins with our mindset”.

“We should redirect our minds on science and technology more at this age if we want to develop or become successful in the future”, he said.

Mr Afagbedzi also added that everyone was created for a purpose and it was about time people discovered their talents and work to actualise them.

The founder of Significant International Training Systems (SITS), Mr Ibrahim Kwame Asante, a guest speaker at the conference said, “We have to go beyond imagination and move from success to significance and to do that, we have to transform our mindset and serve humanity”.


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