Abusive Police Assistant wounded by tenant

A Community Police Assistant (CPA) with the Anyaa Police had been hit on the head with a stone for bullying his wife by a tenant at their compound house.The couple hail from Nzema.

The incident happened between the hours of 7 and 8 in the evening at Jah Love, Kwashieman on Tuesday January 29, 2019
The Policeman De-Graft Kwaku, believed to be in his late 20s is reported to have been bullying his wife, on numerous occasions.
Out of pity for the 18year old wife, the tenant said she could no longer remain adamant on the matter after witnessing several hits and blows on the young wife.

She then intervened to advise the man to have mercy on his wife because the beatings and arguments were unbearable.
The policeman ignored the advice from the tenant and rather reined insults on her.
Later on, the police officer was again heard giving the wife “Kumfu” hits and blows in their room.
This time, the tenant who was looking for justice for the wife, hit the head of the police officer with a stone, severely wounding him.
People around the neighbourhood rushed to witness the incident, thinking that someone has been murdered, but realised that it was the Police Assistant that had been hit with a stone.

Some neighbours alleged that, the man was an alcoholic who hardly allows his young wife to have peace in the house.

“He always brutalises the wife day and night. Due to his nefarious activities, his wife has lost several job opportunities that could help support their family. The husband is such a bully and a lazy man. He deserves what he had”, another neighbour in the compound house said.
After the incident, the wife took to her heels out of fear of what her angry and wounded husband could further do to her and was nowhere to be located.
The community Police Assistant was later seen carrying the stone into a trotro heading to the Anyaa Police Station to lodge a complaint.

The tenant also later lodged a complaint against the Community Police Assistant at the Kwashieman Police Station.

when contacted, Chief Inspector Joseph Noble Amponsah, the Station Officer confirmed that one Diana Twum, on January 29, 2019 reported a case of offensive conduct against De-Graft, but has since not returned to the station to assist the Police in their investigations.

The Anyaa District Police Commander, Chief Supt. Shaibu A.S. Osei, confirmed that De-Graft had reported a case of assault at the station, and that it was under investigation.

By Sampson Kofi Annin Agyekum

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