Absa Bank marks 3 years of helping customers get things done

 Absa Bank Ghana has reiterated its commit­ment to supporting small and medium-sized enter­prises in the country as it marks three years of operations in the Ghanaian economy.

“It has been three years since Absa Bank officially established its presence in Ghana. In that time, the bank has been a beacon of hope for Small Scale Enterprises (SMEs) and a trailblazer in its innovative approach to banking,” the bank said in a statement issued in Accra yesterday.

“The videos circulating on so­cial media about leading business­women, paying glowing tributes to Absa bank for its support and influence in their enterprises, tell it all. When a bank is relentless about its business purpose and determines to pursue it, no matter the odds; the results are price­less,” it said.

It said when the bank transi­tioned from the century-old Bar­clays heritage into Absa in 2020, it was with a mission to empower the nation’s small businesses – the lifeblood of the economy.

The banks, the statement said, had been steadfast in its dedication, providing a range of financial services and supports to the small and medium-sized enterprises that fuel the country’s growth.

Like a nurturing mother, it said Absa Bank had helped to foster entrepreneurship and cre­ated jobs in Ghana, giving wings to the aspirations of many small business owners.

“Take for example, Francesca Sroda, a small business owner who deals in stationery items. It had always been her dream to ex­pand her business but never had the means to go the extra mile. Absa Bank came to her rescue, providing her with the necessary funding and financial advice to take her business to new heights. Today, Francesca’s business is thriving, and she employs over 20 people in her sphere of influ­ence,” it said.

The statement, however, noted that the bank’s impact in Ghana was not limited to its com­mitment to small scale businesses alone.

“The bank has also been a game-changer in the digital bank­ing space, introducing a range of digital solutions that make banking more accessible and convenient for its customers and clients. With just a click of a but­ton, Ghanaians can now manage their accounts online, make trans­actions using mobile banking and digital wallets, and access financial services with ease. These digital solutions, like the ATM QR code, Absa mobile app and contactless cards, sparkle like diamonds in a sea of outdated banking practices. This is not just a matter of conve­nience; it is a matter of responsi­bility, “the statement said.

The bank’s leadership, the statement said, was also commit­ted to the principles of Environ­mental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

“The bank’s operations have positive impact on the country and its people, not just for the environment and the communi­ties in which it operates but for the bank itself as well. This is not just a matter of expedience; it is a matter of integrity,” it said.

It said, “As we look to the future, it is clear that Absa Bank will continue to play a vital role in Ghana’s financial landscape. The bank’s commitment to small scale businesses, its innovative approach to digital banking, and its adherence to ESG principles make it a valuable and respected member of the country’s financial community


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