AAP offers the American dream to Ghanaian investors

Atlantic American Partners (AAP), an American investment company has created an investment product to help high net worth individuals in Ghana to invest and diversify their investment portfolios.

Dubbed the EB-5, the product is to help investors to secure a stay in the US by investing $500,000 in the EB-5 product.

AAP manages investment in excess of $40 billion in private equity investments in a variety of industries and fields including real estate in the US.

Briefing the media on the EB-5 product   in Accra on Tuesday, the Managing Director of Emerging Markets – Africa of AAP, Daniel D. Ryan said the AAP, part of a 45-year-old investment banking firm,  about a decade ago introduced the EB-5, which was a U.S foreign employment-based investor programme.

Mr Ryan is staying in Ghana for ten days to introduce Ghanaians to the product and as part of his stay, he is expected to meet 100 high net worth individuals, the middle class and staff of some banks and corporate bodies.

The Managing Director said the EB-5 programme was introduced during the Presidency of George Bush Senior to help attract foreign capital to the US economy, when the US economy was going through economic turmoil, and helped the investors in the product to become US citizens.

He said the product is tailored to help applicants secure a stay in the US, better education for their wards and create employment for the low income areas in the US.

“AAP EB-5 foreign investor programme allows potential investors an opportunity to invest in the United States economy along with numerous benefits.  The AAP EB-5 foreign investment programme requires the prospect to deposit an initial amount of $500,000 that allows the investor to own investments in a portfolio of assets in the United States.  This diversified approach help reduce risk and loss of capital, like the old adage [don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” Mr Ryan said.

He said the AAP EB-5 foreign investment product came along with numerous benefits for the potential investor and include securing the opportunity to move abroad with their spouse and other unmarried family members below the age of 21, on 18-24 months temporary green card’, ability to work anywhere in the US and travel to and from their homeland without visa, start a business and access education at colleges and universities at US resident costs.

“AAP also issues a permanent green card after five years off investing.  Potential investors stand a chance of receiving a refund of their lump investment sum (principal) and ten percent annual interest if all conditions are met by the AAP EB-5 fund.  The investor also stands to receive 25 percent capital gain on the appreciation of the assets involved in the private equity fund liquidation.  This wonderful programme offers investors a life opportunity abroad and capital sum back with interest,” Mr Ryan said.

The Managing Director said the AAP EB-5 invest diversified asset classes such as premium retail buildings, residential units, office accommodation, and hotels.

Mr Ryan said the product had been introduced in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria and was currently being introduced in Ghana.


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