AAF&B optimistic about prospects of beverage industry despite COVID-19

Despite the serious setbacks caused to businesses by COVID-19, alcoholic drinks producers, AA Food and Beverages (AAF&B) believes that there are still bright prospects for the industry.  

The company says it is poised to adapt to the changing COVID-19 challenges, such as the closure of bars and ban on large social gatherings with innovative approaches. 

Pearl Naheema Hanson, Chief Distiller of the company said that “we will attend to our customers and patrons through online orders, including those from WhatsApp and Facebook.”  

“For now, AAF& B has been a small batch and artisanal operation. We feel the time has come to extend our reach across Ghana and beyond to the spirit loving audience,” she said.

According to her, AAF&B was also looking forward to producing ready-to-drink cocktails in pouches in the near future.  

She was speaking at a private event to introduce one of the company’s product, Sahara Solace, in Accra prior to the Easter.  

She revealed that the AAF&B would require between USD 50, 000 to USD 250, 000 to remain in lucrative production.  

“So, we are open to angel investors to achieve this sterling corporate dream,” she stated.  

The Chief Distiller revealed that as a result of the business hold-ups caused by the coronavirus and the lack of adequate investment, there were 10,000 bottles now sitting in the company’s warehouse.  

That, notwithstanding, AAF&B was maintaining an optimistic stance and ready for expansion, and also set to recruit 10 more workers in anticipation of an imminent surge in production, she told the Ghanaian Times.  

She made it clear that the company’s recruitment exercise would reflect its commitment to empowering women in Ghana.  

Touching on the products of AAF&B, she mentioned the Sahara Solace butterscotch liquor and described it as an ideal African alternative to liquor brands such as Baileys and similar products on the international market. 

She also cited the portable Black Jack spice rum and depicted it as another local alternative to Bacardi, Captain Morgan and Malibu.  

“Our products are all affordable, potable and enjoyable,” she added.  

According to her, the company would soon come out with a wider variety of its products in other brilliant packages soon.  

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